Five Poems | Job Samuel Wetpin

Nightfall at Midday 

Nightfall in midday at Wuhan

Traversing through all the cosmic terrain

No moon, no star, no light

Groping, our hands we touch the darkness

All living souls feel and smell the darkness

And I thought the earth was spherical

Night falling there and day breaking here

But lo! We all are at nightfall

From the pole of the North to the South

Through the pole of the East to the West

We all at once sing the same lamentation

For we sing darkness has come upon us


I see the panic I hear the wailing

The young and the old

The classed and the classless

All through the continents of the earth

The earth tremor and our hearts quaked

And sleep deserted the eyes of the world

For night has fallen at midday

And in unison we sing COVID 19


We all are casualties of the season

The affected, the infected, the killed

We all are casualties of the season

The isolated, the quarantined, the locked

We all are wailing and no comforter

Our freedom is long lost

We are far at distance to each other

I have lost touch with you dear

We are not sorry for that

Only are we sorry for our hunger, deaths and restrictions

We all are wailing at our doors

For night has fallen at midday

She defies our knowledge and cripples our all

And science dares her not

We are now her prisoners against our wish

Forced to remain still


COVID 19, the nightfall at midday!


Beyond the Looks of Your Eyes

Beyond the looks of your eyes

Have I lost my heart to you

On bend knees imploring you to give me your heart

For no initial course but power of mystery

5 To set on a race that is worth a course


Beyond the looks of your eyes

My feelings and emotions resonate

Feeling it in my bones that you are the Jewel

That I have found after decades of searching

10 And though emotions are but akin to feelings,

My feelings transcended from my heart to bones

I certainly found you my dream Jewel


Thus said the king most high:

“Good gifts are from the Lord,

15 And added no sorrow”

I testify how sorrow had engulfed me

My past was no gift of love

I probe into that affair for its sake

For beauty and for the feeling of it

20 Just to see I was derailed

Fear and doubt struck me down

All through only to be saved at last


Beyond the looks of your eyes

By divine encounter have I come

25 While I was never to be acquainted with you

While I was to test your genuineness if I ever crossed you

But divinely I felt the truth of you

My fears and doubts liberated me 

The first day I met you

30 And my sorrow went beneath the earth

There was no more doubt you’re unique to be mine


Beyond the looks of your eyes

I craved for a good woman

Beyond her eyes shining beauty

35 But goodness of heart

I stumbled on you and beyond my hopes

I saw you a perfect woman

Enveloped in the beauty of your eyes and heart

Without test have I seen and trusted


40 Beyond the looks of your eyes

Have I seen and found you

The white linen of my heart

That will make me walk shoulder high

For the priced graded purity I have found

45 The one my heart speaks it loves

And will cherish now and beyond forever


Beyond the looks of your eyes

While I run after you

Touching the helm of your garment

50 The mere touch that healed my soul

You not wanting me to get hold of you

I chose to run and never get weary

No man turned away where he’d be healed

While I run after you

55 You struggle to hide from my view

But let my eyes go blind to all things

And let me have a clearer view of you

Not just now but forever


Beyond the looks of your eyes

60 I run panting for breath

Holding up my hands towards you

Turn to me and hold me Queen

Never think this runner grows weary

And matches back to let you go

65 I will run after you as long as you breathe

Your magnet has held my heart

And colonized my heart and you be the Queen

Turn to me for I see you

Beyond the looks of my eyes

The Step Behind not Taken

While my eyes look ahead,

My mind lately search the vision

The dreams, the hopes, the quests

I learn, not found in the eyes’ view

While my eyes look ahead,

I espy just image of my rowing mind.

Then I rethink and reappraise

A meditation, a blueprint, a quest

Of a hopeful better tomorrow

The comfort, the life, the impact

The heart dream and desiderata


A step lay not-tramped behind my eyes’ view

The step behind not taken

The dreams, the hopes, the quests

Remain a mirage with no step taken

And yet greatness comes not till steps taken

Greatness waits atop till I climb up


While my eyes look ahead I see plain to run

Plain that leads nowhere 

I wish not run to nowhere but to rise on wings

The wings of stairs to a pinnacle

That housed enviable greatness

The step behind not taken

The undone, the ignored, the forgotten

Posing in array of steps

The step behind I had not taken

The stairs I had not climbed up

Posing, the stairs had been behind me

My feet for long staggered and I sat

Wasting my eyes’ view procrastinating

And I rise not to greatness.


Away from view of plains my eyes to stairs

Search the step behind, the stairs not taken

Let my feet trudge through the stairs

That I may climb and rise.


Not all left behind be forgotten

Some steps behind are paths to greatness

May I turn and return to, dear eyes

The step behind not taken

The undone, the ignored, the forgotten

The route long waiting for my coming

To cloth me in the attire of eminence

No longer shall I walk or run

But only shall I trudge and climb

The step behind not taken

Till I’m arrayed in the garment of eminence. 

What should Pen Write?

From dawn to twilight

In search of a memory

Seeing and hearing

The profusion of stories

I’m stuck still


The reading pleasure

Hardly had inspired the pen

To gain is least to give

To read is least to write

Conjugal pen and paper, a task of a few


Unlimited matters abounding

Running wildly with no depth

Luring all into themes

Empty I became; they vanished

Still, the pen stood


The inspiration, seeking

What should pen write?



torment of my being

raper of my sap

unbind my soul, renew my verdure.


About the Author

Job Samuel Wetpin is currently a Master of Art Literature in English student of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Nigeria. He writes poetry, fiction as well as non-fiction. He is also into literary criticism and academic essays. He has published a non-fiction work titled, “The Impact of Communication on Conflict in Society.” He has many unpublished works among which include: Dimming Sunlight, a novel and “The Jepnwaan Epic”, a poem of over one thousand five hundred lines, which are currently in editorial stage soon to be published.

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