Remains of a Broken Plate | Ishaq Adékúnlé


In picture : Bashir Ishaq

Photo Title : “Wandering mind”

Location : Orita, Challenge, Old Lagos Road, Ibadan.

Date of creation : Monday, May 11  2020 .

 This picture is shot with the imagination of the state of mind in a human  form, battling its own depression, melancholia, misery and woe. Imagined to be  a heavy weight of sad times the African child suffers.  A call to blurry vision, obscure thinking, strains and overburdened mindset that later negates their optimism.

In picture : Fareedah Usman

Photo Title : “Remains of A Broken Plate”

Location : Orita Challenge, Old Lagos Road, Ibadan.

Date of creation : Saturday, June 27. 2020.

This picture is themed with Trepidation, Anxiety and  Terror the Female Child would grow to face. The fear of sexual abuse, defilement and different negativity they battle while growing and after. This picture depicts the readiness, positive vibes and self reassuring strength and hope to overcome the challenges.

In picture : Bashir Ishaq

Photo Title : “Memories of Worser Hours”

Location : Orita Challenge, Old Lagos Road, Ibadan.

Dare of creation :  Saturday, May 9. 2020

This shot portrays the hidden scars in the Male child. It illustrates the disintegrated, split and cracked hidden background everyone refuses to see in them. The total opposite of what is visible to the outer world, to their beliefs. The huge “injury” they keep to themselves to prove the point of being a “Male”.

Bio :

Ishaq Adékúnlé is a Nigerian photographer, poet and presently a secondary school graduate. He is trying to learn about the state of well being and reasoning among the boy child and to lend a louder voice. To this effect, he has learnt to tell their stories in his poetry’s and photographs which some has appeared in EyeEm blacklivesmatter, EyeEm photography NYC and certainly other places. You can reach Ishaq Adékúnlé on

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