A letter to Tomorrow | Precious Nneoma Okechukwu

A letter to tomorrow
If I’d write a letter to tomorrow
I hope to play it down on today’s sorrows
I wonder what it would be like.
What would I tell them?
How would I start?
How well would I tell the tale
Of a million shattered dreams.
Or paint the picture of demons in human beings.
If I tell them that aspirations were pinned down
Until they couldn’t breathe.
Or that men were treated differently because
Their skin’s color was just not enough to paint the picture of humanity and not hue-manity on the canvas of their predator’s hearts.
What of the tale of how the strength of men was tested on weaker vessels until they broke?
Will they believe that the protectors are now the predators?
How well can I paint this picture?
Maybe the color red would do
Because it runs in all of us, in me; in you too
It flows on the streets too
“There is no smoke without a fire”
The color red could also represent the fire
As hearts are covered in smoke.
I’d love to tell these tales beautifully
But I’m afraid of what they’ll ask me.
What if they ask why I didn’t speak up for the fallen?
Why I took pauses in my actions till no one could feel their pulses?
Why I allowed this continue even when their cries I heard aloud?
How would I tell them that I was too afraid
to take a step up the stairs of empathy
and danced to the tunes of silence played by society
If at all I write to tomorrow,
I hope the stories become history,
Because I stood to stop the abuse.
You see, sometimes silence is only golden cos’ it costs us a lot on things that matter.
Precious Nneoma Okechukwu is an upcoming writer and poet who resides in Nigeria. She is a christian and is interested in human rights, women rights and religious matters too. She is a student of the University of Jos, Plateau state  where she studies Adult education and English  and is currently in her 300 level. She has been writing short stories since childhood and only recently started picking interest in poetry. She is a promising young woman with interests in growth of not only herself but in the growth of others. 

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