White Keys | Falade Kolawole


My music teacher,

A wiry brackish man

Who taught us first about communists

Then Beethoven

About God riding on the wings of an opera

Then Harriet Tubman

About freedom

And the songs that made them stale

Told us with a bulging eye

That the piano was meant to bring us closer

Side by side;

White and black,

But they had to make the white keys softer

Just to prove a point.


About the Author:

Falade Kolawole popularly known as Pariolodo is a multiple slam winning spoken word poet, playwright, and writer who graduated from University of Abuja where he studied English and Literary Studies. He is a versatile writer whose works have been featured in several blogs. He is passionate about influencing the society with his art and has written both poems and short stories on issues relating to us as humans. He plays mobile games when he is not too busy playing a literary vigilante. 

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