Three Poems | Mohammed Yusuf—Unyomo

truce night

some day,

you and i would sit


some bamboo tree

regaling each other

with tales of silly tiffs

and flicky twists

from our youth


short parables of

wrinkled love birds.


…right now,

let’s perch here


in our arms

and watch

this cueing interplay

between a chickie moon

and the thronging cloud

around her

this breezy

truce night.


i am

i am the spendthrift

in a clique

of generous folks.


a committed groom

jilted by

a beauty-fool bride.


i am the colored waters

snaking beneath

a strong bridge.


a religious generation

of ungodly people.


i am the code,

the crime

and the convict.



Come early,

Not in the morning

But, make it very early.


Show up classy,

Not in a costly outfit

And do walk in majestically.


Admire the ambiance

With a bit of jealousy

If you so wish,

Take a selfie.


Step in with courtesy,

Feel the settee,

Indulge my tv,

But don’t give in to sleep.


Need something to eat?

Visit my kitchen,

Don’t raid my fridge!

Take only bread and fish

You are not to sleep!

‘…the bedroom?’

You shouldn’t think.


Stay for as long as you want,

But not too long enough.


And as you leave

When you are done,

Take one last drink

And only shut the door.


About the Author:

Mohammed Yusuf—Unyomo is a Nigerian teacher, poet, writer and lover of real human stories. He mostly writes poetry and sometimes short stories. His pandemic poem ‘Jolting Storm’ was published recently on MAH Magazine online. He strongly believes in the power of artistic works in driving healthy conversations around real life experiences. He loves to read and listen to the radio in his leisure time.

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