So What Next | Ericshan Dung

I once saw a pretty lady on the tele

       She was tall slim with a flat belly

           Attractive and captivating like a jelly

                For sure the type that married Nelly 

                  It will be better if I can have her early

              So we can ‘anniverse’ our union yearly

          Her personality I don’t take merely

     And for her aura I crave dearly

  But her attention I get barely

So what next?


About the Author

Ericshan Dung is a graduate of English and Literature Studies from the University of Jos.  He writes Plays, Essays and Poetry. But his passion for Poetry took the better of him when he started writing as a freshman  Student. He has won different Poetry competitions from departmental to campus competitions. In 2014 he won the Jos Gospel Arts and Music and Video Awards (JOGAMA) under Spoken Words category.

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