Craft my Portrait and other Poems | Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan


“This Is How To Stay Safe”

I wish to crawl back, dissolve into memories—I wish

to watch time unfolding into the giggles of a lad chewing candies,

by extending the borders of these confined spaces.


Persuade the earth to fly me like a paper plane

into the film of that camera capturing the sopranos of our memories,

I want the songs of Ejegha on repeat— let 

it plays me into the arms of yesterday— memories

are now livelier than today; let me take 


a nap there. I want to tap the certainty

in the past coz its tail and head

rest on the sketches in my palms. I want those comforting cabins, 

rooms cupping libraries into its warm fold and, perhaps,


imbue the sweet fragrance of old books.

Persuade the earth to lengthen the confinement of this space, we’re grafting

our names that failed to stand on the world wide web

into cobwebs in these locked rooms.


We’re preying on memories, my fantasies

are worshiping the prices I can not afford.

Let me crawl back into memories,

perhaps that’s the best way to stay safe.




Craft the thirst in my throat into phlegm holding a breath

Craft the glints of my eyes into a prism that mirrors

the world beyond today

Craft the emptiness of my tummy into 

a hub for dead dreams 

Craft my puff with the footmarks of nomads

Craft the portrait of my life with the anvil of 

distorted fate

Craft my hope into a monument of

military corpse 

Life is not vodka but its turns and twists

get me tipsy

With its shade and gloom, I melt into a

drowning brine 

To the vastness of its center, I lost a firm


Remind me how I got to this place before

demanding for the portrait of my life 

Craft me into a silhouette 

& place me in the museum of the unusual survivors.




  A woman trips into a prayer

  Her patched hands like blistered palms

  They move wide and apart, then jammed and glued

  Till her orison splits into the lyrics of a psalmist:


  “Sing away your burden and pain

   Bow down in prayer, bow down in fain

   The rain won’t be there for long

   The sun will surely come to right the wrong”


  She scutters into a thin breeze

  (Revitalization hosts broken body

  Only when the soul is shattered,

  Only when tears break into pieces of



  A child skitter along the corridor

  She has never seen him, but her hands

  Carried a familiar piece of him– maybe

  A piece of what his innocence looks like,

  An alluring dove, tender and bold, splitting peacefully

  Into chunks of heart and eyes bearing cloudburst of


  She wants to transcend with him into a home in the sky

  To meet God, one on one

  To show him how sunken her soul has been 

  To show him how pressed a barren womb can be

  To remind him that his fruitful creatures are not


  Even if they do not bear child, they bear


  To show that the leftovers of today for tomorrow is

  buried in time.


  And she bows down again

  To pray for us and herself


 “On the full moon, I saw scars

  A blistered foot is there

  To walk away our dark days”


About the Author:

Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan is a budding writer from the Ebonyi State of Nigeria. He writes autobiographically about life and about multiple aspects of the ebbing African culture. He is a penultimate Medical Laboratory Science student with lots of unpublished works to his credit. His works have been published at Quills, Ace World, Trouvaille Review, Ducor Review, The Lake, LiteLitOne, Inverse Journal, The SprinNG, e.t.c. and he has also contributed to several anthologies. He was the winner of the 2018 FUNAI Crew Literary Contest.

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