My Dead Country and other Poems | Anthony Nwafor

A Writer 
a god;
I’m a writer, I’m a god.
I’m a creator, I’m a destroyer.
I’m a giver, I’m a taker.
I bestow, I lay waste,
 I give life and I take.
My imaginations are a universe of thoughts,
Vast like the pacific,
Wide as endless blue skies-
Endless like shifting time,
Timeless and colorful like a horde of daffodils.
When the pointy tip of my pen strikes the paper
Creatures, both good and evil, spring forth,
They come with unimaginable sufferings
Like less privileged Africans;
When shall coins flip sides,
And, Africa, break free from this cosmic stereotype.
That beguile us like harmattan dust.
Utopia of days when clouds bleed with joy.
From the shelter of my room I create,
Shielded in the comfort of my favorite arm chair
With eagle eye visioning.
I watch over my whole universe.
And as the midnight candles burn out
And my eyelids shut;
I whisper to myself
“I’m a writer,I’m a god”
My Dead Country
And Achebe said: “There was a country”
At birth, there wasn’t a country.
looking up to father i said:
“what color is a country”
Eyes writhed in horror,
Face drawn in melancholy,
Head leaned back,
Voice barely whispering,
“Tell me a story of this country”
A story laden with pain, anguish and grief,
A story Lucifer dreads,
A story that violates the ear,
A story that burns the heart,
But it’s our story
A story about my dead country

Anthony Nwafor is  currently a 400 level student of Mass Communication at Enugu State University of science and technology. He’s worked with certain media and press outfits such as Cable news, Nkanu youth Assembly (press team) National union of university students (media team). Anthony is a novel enthusiast, Historical books buff, music lover and a sports fan. Please email to contact him.

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