Three Poems | Abdulmueed Balogun


This is for the grief we feel,

the fears that we faced  and got served.

This is for the love that was never found, neither was it stolen nor lent.

To the glossing future; our dreams,

for the dreams with little feathers,

yet still struggling to fly.


This is for the face that failed, 

but never beckon at grimace,

but still manages to 

wear smile in styles.

This is for the souls that were lynched,

whose pride and dignity were bleached,

on their mothers’ land: their rights; leached,

but still bask on the warmth of hope and tranquility.


This is for the broken heart,

scarred by betrayal, marked by pain on every orifice,

but still striving to get life back on track:

Keep going and never look back on sad days

for your tale shall never grow stale to the ears; eager to be heard over and over;  

this is dedicated to hope and greatness.



At the End.

In the end,

humanity becomes a free bird 

and death wares from ripping souls

and the vultures of life stifles the

feast on the carcass of humanity.

and the stomach wall of our wicked mother;

earth that uses the cold blood of her children to assuage her blazing thirst, 


is  filled to her threshold 

and her stomach wall ceases to frolic

and merry like a hunter

that killed an Ajanaku (Elephant) on his first hunt.


At the end of the tunnel, this waning torch of hope will rekindle.

And smile shall be restored to wistful faces.

Incessantly, memories of our beloved

that left without proper farewell-

will hunt us like a predator. 


At the end of it all, the survivors will cite 

to their children’s’ glee, the tale;

how their beloved were buried with their enemies.

And relay to billion hearts the depth of sorrow scribbled 

on their souls that sulked their merry minds into sea of dread,

anguish and tempest.


In  the end,

the heavy legs of yesterday shall dance

like couples on their matrimonial ceremony. 

And our wistful souls will shed her sorrow 

and injuries sustained during this pandemic.


Their scars will transcend into abysmal nightmares that 

torment us in our comfort and constantly remind us,

like an alarm, how our beloved drowned with its ship right before our eyes.


Why i Embraced Solitude


I am fed up with humans

yesterday, I showed Janet the grave where I buried my eyesore secrets, and

she went at night, behind the curtain to exhume and disperse them .



I am so sick of humans and getting allergic,

a fourthnight ago, I told Suzzy,

she’s the moon to my world

and tonight,my world a footstool for darkness. 



I am weary of relations 

a week back, I met Valentina,

we fell like a cascade into

the nucleus of love, and today

she’s getting married to the flesh of her flesh. 



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Abdulmueed Balogun is a Medical Laboratory Sciences undergraduate at the University of Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria . He has been a staunch writer for two years. His love for poetry emanated from a Scholar, writer and Poet, Muhammed Sulaiman who provided him mentorship as regards poetry. Writing poetry has been a dream come true for him as he keeps trying to expand his knowledge in the arts and always open to learning. I strongly believe that knowledge is a lost weapon for poets and it can be sought for within the pages of books.

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