Woman | Emmanuel Ogwuche


Raise a cap,you ungrateful man!
Raise a cap in salute to the woman.
From thee was she brought into creation,
bestowed upon as a bearer of nations.

A beautiful story, left untold,
and a wonderful mystery, yet to unfold.
Fire and ice depicts her nature,
Unique in creation, a perfect creature.

From her lips, comes a dreadful terror,
but her heart swings to the slightest humor.
With perfect dexterity, she swoops her soup;
But yet, you complain and plot a coup.

How wicked and selfish you could be;
she left her home in service of thee.
She is a mighty demigod in disguise,
dare not or you’ll pay the price.

Man’s greatest weakness from the dawn of age. skilled in calming his greatest rage.
She bears your future in her womb;
and carries your home ’till the tomb.

Woe to thee, you ignorant mess,
for you know not the value of her prowess.
You treat gold like a precious gem,
yet you mistreat the greatest of all gems.

Raise a cap, you ungrateful man!
Raise a cap in salute to the woman.

™ Emmanuel Ogwuche

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