True Story | Joy Okwori


Do tell me a story, one
that begins as trickles of
emotion ooze from your
deep eyes.

Tell me a story, one
that broke your heart, but
made your life as bright as a
glow on a ripened tomato.

Tell me a good story,
one like the sea. Flat
on the surface but deep
as a grandfather’s adage.

Tell me a story,
one that will make
my eyes the color
of blood and make my
lips curve in a smile.

Tell me a story, one that
made your face, a rumpled
tissue and ends with your
face, like an ironed shirt.

Tell me a story. A story
with a moon, a dark
cloud, a sun, rainfall and

Tell me a true story.
Will you tell me a story?

™Joy Okwori

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