RUN | Njemanze Ekene Kachy


Run, run away from your past.
Go, don’t look back, just run! For
these clothes don’t fit anymore, the
songs do not breed amuse anymore,
the promise of hope becomes vague.
We all want to run and start again.

These chains seem to fit just fine.
Though they hurt, they seem better
than false hope. A pose for a better
would be, a slash of the never should
have, a savor of the now that is. Yet,
we all want to run and start again.

Run away and start again, run away
and never look back. Run to the place of
peace, where the dark holds no power
and evil no record. Know purity that wipes
all spots, and behold Love that acquits all
faults. Don’t we all want to run away and
just start again?

©️ Njemanze Ekene Kachy.

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