DON’T TELL ANYONE | Marvin Miles Uche

“My baby, my love, come to me. You know aunt loves you. I am just like a mum to you. Come suck of my breast.”

She waved me to come closer, but my feet dragged behind me lazily.

She beckoned me to move closer as I was still out of her reach.

“Will you eat biscuit or take sweets? Oh I forgot you like candies more.

You are old enough to end your craving for candies.

Candies are for kids not for nine year olds. But don’t worry, I have a lot here in my purse.

Don’t worry baby, you’ll have your candies as soon as aunt is satisfied.”

My lips tightened as my eyes became heavy out of fear and grief. This was not the first time. So somehow I imagined exactly what was coming.

I moved sluggishly till I was totally within her reach.

She noticed the fear in me and stretched out her arms, as she led me across like a ward directing a blind man. I followed her lead.

Soon I was on her thigh. She pulled up my little shirt and used her hard fingers, with nails painted ox red, the color of devil’s blood.

Her fingers worked mathematically around my chest, gently caressing and circling the tip of my undergrown nipples.

Soon, her hands were under my pants, she felt unsatisfied with the groove and pulled off my shorts completely.

She made me face her. Her face was now reddish like strawberries. Her lips abrupt like a wild animal ready to devour it’s prey. Her eyes were full of excitement.

She worked her fingers around my pimp. I remembered in a flash, how mama had warned me never to let anyone touch it as it was private.

Kitty tears rolled from my eyes down to my chin, as my mind wandered about in fear.

I was about to scream “mama” When I was woken up by mama’s call.

Junior wake up and get dressed. “The bus that would take you to your aunt’s place for the holiday is already at the park.”

© Marvin Miles Uche.

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