Domestic Violence | Okoro Izu

“It was our bronze anniversary”, she said amidst sobs clogging her emotions. She took one quick hurtful glance at their wedding picture, spilling words of contempt from the coffee mug she held without sipping its contents. “He’s a cheat. He’s a freaking liar.”

Memories of two nights ago whished past her ears like wind whistling through the pine tree. “It was our bronze anniversary,” she began again.

“We were going to have dinner at a French restaurant with gold chandeliers hanging over our heads. Colourful mats of the rainbow spread on our table and our favourite meal, panini served.” Her thoughts rushed through her head like a marathon sprinter.

Unfortunately for her on their anniversary day, her Boss had added an extra shift to her working hours and so she wasn’t expected home till the next day. But because of the love she had for her husband, she took an excuse and rushed home. On getting home, what she saw was enough to keep her inner goddess blind.

“What!” Her frenzied shout fell her bag to the floor. Her eyes betrayed her or maybe it was a Hollywood movie playing out in real life.

The duo who were already in the seventh heavens fell out of their emotional ecstasy. “Frank?”
Was all she could mutter before she slumped to the floor. She turned to look at her sister, “what were you doing?” It was evident even before the walls. There was no need asking.

What the walls never told her was that the duo had been having an affair for the past six months when her sister started living with her. She stormed out of the room hastily despite the pleas from her sister and husband.

Minutes later, she barged into the room again with a surprise hidden behind her. Both eyes tried scanning her behind but it was impossible. *Honey, this is the best bronze anniversary gift you could give me? And you-“

She turned to face her sister with hate in her eyes. “This is how you say thank you for accommodating you?” Both depraved adults pleaded from their hearts until they saw the surprise knife brought out and they kept shut. They died before they died.

“Now, this is the surprise I have for you Sister.” She stabbed her as many times as she had sex with her husband, to death.

Her sister was already dancing her way to hell while the devil danced ‘shoki’ awaiting her arrival and the next victim’s.

She brought her husband close to her chest. “I love you Frank. I will always love you, even in your death.”

The husband didn’t understand what she meant until the steel knife sliced into his ‘local government area’. His wife with tears in her eyes said to him: “happy anniversary. Next time, you wont be able to cheat again.” Those words served him a visa to hell.

She sat and watched her husband bled to death. She sat and watched as the two persons who took her future, now live in her past.

She watched the memories on her palm as she lay on her back in prison recounting the story to her inner goddess.

Was she rightfully wrong? Or was she self-defending her marriage? Her inner goddess kept asking until she slept off.

© Okoro Izu

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