We are seeking for creative works that speak about daily issues, trends, personal experiences, and worldviews and just about anything that sparks a reaction in our core. While we love the personal eccentrics, we would love works that affect communities and border around real issues. We want your very best. Send us your most recent unpublished works adhering strictly to the submission guidelines for each genre. Our teams of editors have a natural bias for young vibrant voices seeking new spaces for expression. We accept submissions on a rolling basis and publish weekly. is open to submissions from all parts of the world. Works written in international and indigenous languages are welcome provided they are sent alongside an English translation. We do not accept previously published works but accept multiple submissions. Please inform us if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

FICTION: for fiction, send us your best pieces not more than 1500 words. All pieces must be well edited and paragraphed using Times New Roman 12pt face, 1.5 spacing. Unedited works will be rejected without a rejection letter. We want human angle stories about life, history and trends but feel free to send us stories on any theme of your choice.  Dual authorship is welcome.

POETRY: Send us not less than 3 and not more than 5 of your best poems at a time. We do not accept previously published poems, however, poems published on social media and personal blogs are welcome. We do not accept dual authorship for poetry. We love experimental poetry, be flexible as water and sensible as air.

FLASH FICTION: We want stories not more than 500 words in length, yet able to hold our breath from start to finish. Send us no less than 2 flash-fiction pieces at a time. Unedited works will be rejected without replies. We do not accept dual authorship for flash fiction.

ESSAYS/NON-FICTION: We want to read your most exciting and/or hurtful experiences; raw and real. We want your opinion on trending issues and how they affect you as an individual in a global community. Send us works of any length.  Dual authorship is allowed.

DRAMA/SCRIPTS/SCREENPLAYS:  Short film scripts, satiric drama and movie scripts are a new trend in the creative space that affect the way we handle stereotypes. We want professional, yet experimental scripts that talk about the realities of modern societies in novel ways. Send us scripts no more than 10pages in length. Keeping to standard formatting principles is non-negotiable. Poorly edited scripts will be discarded.

ART/PHOTOGRAPHY: We accept all forms of art pieces so long as they tell a story and house the ability to captivate. Send us no less than 3 and no more than 6 HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES of art/Photography pieces at a time. Include a title and short description for each artwork.

REVIEWS: We like freestyle and honest reviews of books and movies. The Academic formats are also welcome. Reviews must not be less than 800 words and not more than 1500 words, well edited and titled.

ALL SUBMISSIONS must be sent in WORD FORMAT using Times New Roman 12pt face. Please attach a 100word bio written in the 3rd person narrative style below each submission document, together with an attachment of a high resolution head short image of the author(s).  All art/photography images must be in High resolution. SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS to Write to us via you do not hear from us a fourth night after placing your submission.


New Horizon Creative is a Caprecon International Foundation Peace and Literacy Sponsored Project geared towards promoting education and world peace through the use of various art forms. It is aimed at creating a platform where personal experiences can be expressed in creative ways that sparks interests and  conversations about trends in the global community, while concurrently serving as a tool for youth engagement in the society.

Caprecon International foundation was founded 15 years ago in Luton, England by Dollin Ovaroh Holt. Since the foundation’s humble beginnings, it has grown to become a strong NGO catering for the needs of many individuals and institutions in various 3rd world countries and war torn areas.

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New Horizon Creatives is a caprecon international foundation advocacy and literacy program geared towards solving societal issues through art.

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