First Love | Lilian Nwagbara

“Here’s the thing about first love” she sighed and moved close to the window “You never really get over the feeling. It’s like an itch that never goes away fully. The memories haunt you for as long as you live.” She tore her eyes away from the glass just as a squirrel jumped into the trash bin outside. He could see her now, the weight of the emotions she felt formed a pool in her eyes. He longed to comfort her but he didn’t know how.

“You crave it whenever you think about it. It leaves its mark on your mind and its taste never leaves your  senses.” Her eyes glazed over as she continued. He took a step closer and peered into her face.

“Who are you talking about?” He whispered softly. She turned sharply away from him and stared out the window again. The silence echoed for what felt like eternity.

“Cheeseballs,” she whispered in reply.

Lillian Nwagbara studied Microbiology at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She writes poetry, fiction and essays. She doubles as a blogger and social commentator. She loves nature and the exploration of uncharted waters, meeting new people and a good laugh. When she is not writing, she is a strategic sales rep in Abuja; a member of the Rotary Foundation international.

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