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White Keys | Falade Kolawole

WHITE KEYS My music teacher, A wiry brackish man Who taught us first about communists Then Beethoven About God riding on the wings of an opera Then Harriet Tubman About …


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Three Poems | Mohammed Yusuf—Unyomo

truce night some day, you and i would sit beneath some bamboo tree regaling each other with tales of silly tiffs and flicky twists from our youth amidst short parables …


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KWAIRONAI BAIRES | Falade Kolawole

Danladi was the first to die. Amariya said he slumped. Who slumps and dies just like that? His big eyes zoomed out of the socket before Alfa Sule shut them …

DON’T TELL ANYONE | Marvin Miles Uche

Domestic Violence | Okoro Izu

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Epiphany | Oche Akor

Woman | Emmanuel Ogwuche

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